First Grade Word Busters!

As our Word Detective reading unit is coming to end, the first graders are so proud of their word detective skills! They’ve been trying so many different strategies to help them solve tricky words such as looking at all the parts of the word, looking at the beginning of the word, looking at the ending of the word, hunting for vowel teams, thinking if that word is like another word they know, and breaking longer words into parts. Here they are singing our Word Busters song!

3-205E Celebrates Their Published Work

After working hard during a unit on informational writing we all got together to celebrate our writing.  We read our books to each other, noticing all the things we worked hard on to include in our writing.  We reflected on our own books, thinking of something we thought we did well and a place we would like to work on moving forward.  We did the same to our classmates, leaving them similar feedback in the back of their books.  Come up to 205E and check out these great informational texts!


Third Graders Visit The Intrepid

The Third Grade students visited The Intrepid to learn about outer space and the role The Intrepid played in space exploration.  The third grade students had a great time and gained so much information about space exploration.  Check out some things we came across on the trip!

Here we are exploring the museum, including a space shuttle and airplanes.

We all got a chance to try out sitting in a space capsule and laying in beds that astronauts sleep in on space crafts.


Here we are learning what it is like to be in outer space.  We are trying to make chains while wearing space gloves and coming up with inventive ways to excercise in microgravity.














First Grade Word Detectives!

Meet the newest word detectives from the Super Secret Detective Agency!  The students have been working so hard to complete each of their missions.  They have been noticing when they come to a tricky word and stopping to think about what they can do, doing a slow check (placing their finger under the word and slowly sliding it from beginning to end), looking at all the parts of the word, helping their reading parter, and using all the strategies they know.  After completing each of their 5 missions, the students received their very own word detective badges!  Ask them to sing you the Word Busters song!


S’mores Anyone? Class 1-204B Can Teach You How to Make Them!

To launch our How-To writing unit, the first graders made s’mores using graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate frosting.  First we gathered all of the ingredients, then we talked about the steps needed to make the s’mores, and last we made them!  Our next step is to write down the specific steps needed to teach someone how to make a s’more.  Ask your child to teach you how to make them using the words first, next, then, and last!