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September 21, 2020: Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

Dear Families, 

It is my pleasure to welcome you and your children to the 2020–21 school year! We could not have achieved this milestone without every one of you. I am grateful for your support and your faith in our public schools. So many New Yorkers have worked around the clock to accomplish this shared goal: the safe return of our students, teachers, and school staff to classroom and remote learning.

There is no doubt this has been a challenging seven months, but we should feel proud of the outstanding job New Yorkers have done to fight COVID-19. Our actions have led to weeks of very low infection rates citywide. However, the virus is still active in our city, state, and country. We know that there will be cases of COVID-19 this fall. The good news is we are prepared to fight this virus while holding true to our mission—ensuring that all our students continue to learn and thrive.

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Third Grade Informational Writers

The third graders have been hard at work on our informational writing.  We all chose a topic that we knew a lot about.  Then we learned all the different structures that nonfiction writers use and we tried them out in our own writing.  Then we revised and edited until we finally had our own informational books.  At our publishing party we did an informational gallery walk so we could learn about one another’s topics.  We split ourselves in half and traveled around the room learning information from one another’s books.  We left behind some fun facts we learned before we moved onto the next author.