First Graders Take on the Role of Piggie and Gerald!

As a culminating activity for our Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons reading unit, Class 1-204B performed different Elephant and Piggie plays.  The students chose which book they wanted to perform and which character they wanted to play.  Performing the plays gave the students the perfect opportunity to practice all of the skills we learned during this unit.  The students made their character come to life by changing their voice, body, and facial expressions.  They thought about how their character was feeling at that moment and decided how they should look, act, and sound.  The students also created hats and props for their parts.  We invited class K-110 into our class to be our audience.  The students worked so hard and did such a great job!!!

Third Graders at The Bronx Zoo

In science the Third Grade has been learning all about animals.  Some things we are beginning to study are animal habitats, animal life cycles, the functions of different body parts, and ways animals sense.  We extended these studies by visiting The Bronx Zoo!  Here we are enjoying our day at the zoo.




Class 1-204B Celebrates Muffins with Mom!

This week, Bronx Delta celebrated Mother’s Day by inviting the special women in our students’ lives into the classroom.  The children were so excited for this special event.  They created a craft together with their special person.  After that, they played a game called “Mom, Let’s Talk” where they asked each other some fun questions.  Thank you so much to all of the moms who were able to celebrate with us!  We all had a great time!


Third Grade STEM With Johnson and Johnson

The third graders were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the company Johnson and Johnson on a special STEM project.  After discussing science, technology, engineering, and math, as well the STEM process, students broke into groups.  Together, they worked out the STEM process and built cars.  Once the team had built a car, they tried it out together by running it down a ramp and measuring how far the car went.