Second Graders Celebrate With Our Dads

As a celebration for Father’s Day, Bronx Delta invited dads into the classroom for donuts and an art activity.  With our dads we made superhero characters, describing our dad’s best qualities and designing them in a superhero outfit.  We had a great morning celebrating our dads!

Donuts with Dad

Fathers day was June 18th and to celebrate our hard working Delta dads . Bronx Delta hosted its first Donuts with dad event. What a turn out ! Every class was filled with Dads,Step dad’s, Grandpa’s, Uncles and even some Moms and Grandma’s. The teachers all prepared crafts , story book reading and painting for the students to create with their Dad.From Pre-K to Second grade their were smiles across the board. Bronx Delta thanks all who attended and wishes everyone a Happy Father’s Day.

Angelina and dad all smiles.

Pre-K 116

Ms.Rhee reading a fathers day story
Isaiah watching as his dad prepares to read aloud.
Katelyn and her dad building blocks
Alanie Cruz and her Dad Angel.
The McCorkle Men
Christian Correa and dad Lou Correa
Crafting with dads.
Jolie and dad Aaron .
Jayden Figueroa and his dad.
Ava and her dad.
Maya with her granddad and mom.
Sophia and dad Henry enjoying the event.
Nicole and dad during the class activity.
Joshua Coney and his dad.