Safety at Bronx Delta

Safety Requirements for Students, Families, and Staff

The school as a whole including all students and staff will follow all health and safety protocols including but not limited to:

  • Masks – Face Coverings (masks can not have valves or be neck tubes)
  • Handwashing
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Social Distancing


  • All visitors to the school building, including parents, will need a scheduled appointment in advance that has been cleared with administration and security.
  • All visitors, including parents, will need to complete a health screening prior to entering the school building.
  • All visitors, including parents, will have to wear a mask to enter the building.

What happens if a child/staff feels sick

If a student is asking to go to the nurse the adult will ask them specifically what they are feeling.

Students that are exhibiting COVID Symptoms:  Fever of 100.0 degrees F or higher, chills, New cough, New loss of taste or smell, and/or New shortness of breath will be brought to the isolation room. 

A BRT member will pick up the child in full PPE. The student will NOT be taken to the nurse. The Building Response Team will be activated and the classroom teacher will be given protocol directives on how to proceed.  

 The student with symptoms will be supervised by a member of the BRT in the isolation room.

Students that need the nurse and are NOT exhibiting COVID symptoms: asthma pump schedule, bloody nose, cuts, scrapes, diarrhea will be brought to the nurse’s office by an adult. 

This adult should  wear PPE based on the situation. A call to the main office must be made if an adult escort is needed or if support is needed. 

The nurse’s office is for NON COVID related incidents. ALL COVID related symptoms will be brought directly to the isolation room.

This procedure will be followed for staff members as well. If you are feeling COVID like symptoms in the building, you have to call the main office for coverage and if you can’t leave immediately you will be taken to the isolation room. The protocol will be followed to relocate the class so the room can be cleaned immediately.