Fall 2020 Parent Communication

Latest Updates

Frequent updates from Bronx Delta will be presented to parents via email.

Field Day 2019

Bronx Delta’s Field Day event of 2019 was filled with fun, fitness and collaborative team building. Students showed their physical prowess and teamwork by engaging in various physical education based activities. Thank you to all the hardworking students and staff for participating!


Key Contacts

Maria Rogalle, Principal MRogalle@bronxdelta.org

Irene Williams, Assistant Principal IWilliams@bronxdelta.org

Damaris Ramirez-Bello, Literacy Coach DBello@bronxdelta.org

Lily Urban, Parent Coordinator Lurban@bronxdelta.org

Ecena Cueto, Guidance Counselor ecueto@bronxdelta.org

Silvanna Rahner, IEP Teacher/Special Education SRahner@bronxdelta.org

Emily Lawrence, ASD/Nest Coach and Support elawrence@bronxdelta.org

Emily Ramos, Secretary eramos@bronxdelta.org