Experimenting With Energy

Third graders have been learning about energy in science:  what energy is, the different types, and examples of each type.  We have also been using the scientific process to experiment with various types of energy.  So far we have experimented with heat energy (which materials absorb the most heat energy), sound energy (what materials create the highest and lowest pitches when shaken), and chemical energy (how can we change liquid into a solid).  Here we are exploring energy during these experiments!

3-205E Celebrates Their Published Work

After working hard during a unit on informational writing we all got together to celebrate our writing.  We read our books to each other, noticing all the things we worked hard on to include in our writing.  We reflected on our own books, thinking of something we thought we did well and a place we would like to work on moving forward.  We did the same to our classmates, leaving them similar feedback in the back of their books.  Come up to 205E and check out these great informational texts!


Third Graders Visit The Intrepid

The Third Grade students visited The Intrepid to learn about outer space and the role The Intrepid played in space exploration.  The third grade students had a great time and gained so much information about space exploration.  Check out some things we came across on the trip!

Here we are exploring the museum, including a space shuttle and airplanes.

We all got a chance to try out sitting in a space capsule and laying in beds that astronauts sleep in on space crafts.


Here we are learning what it is like to be in outer space.  We are trying to make chains while wearing space gloves and coming up with inventive ways to excercise in microgravity.














3-205E’s Masters of Measurement!

The third graders of 205E have spent the last two months of science exploring different types of measurement.  We started off by comparing standard and non-standard units of measurement.  We then moved onto a study of different measurement tools, what each tool measures, and the unit of measure that went with each.  We then had the opportunity to measure using many different measurement tools.  We used rulers, tape measures, pan balances, measuring cups, and thermometers.  Check us out as we try out all the different measurement tools!



Third Grade Scientists Explore Pumpkins

The third grade scientists visited The New York Botanical Garden to explore pumpkins.  We used what we have been learning in our science units in our explorations today.  One thing that we did was use our five senses to describe different pumpkins in different ways.  Another thing we did was use scales and tape measures to take different measurements of our pumpkins.  We made estimates before we measured and compared the actual measurements to our estimates.  We worked very hard, but we had a great time exploring!