Third Graders Are Electric!

As a part of our science curriculum the third graders have been studying energy.  After learning about electricity the students worked together to make a circuit.  Each set of partners received a Christmas light.  Then they had to choose from various other materials, such as tin foil, tape, scissors, and glue, to build a working circuit and make their Christmas light light up.  Once they thought they had made a working circuit they tried to attach it to a battery to see if their circuit worked.  Check out some of our original circuits and see if we made our lights work!

Third Graders Celebrate Holidays Around the World

As a part of the third graders immersing themselves in cultures around the world we did a study of how different countries celebrate different holidays.  We learned first where the different countries were located, the name of a holiday, and special things people do to celebrate.  We then broke up into different centers, where each center represented a different a different country and their holiday.  When the students got to a center the read an article about the holiday, jotted down interesting facts and questions they had, and then made a project to go along with each holiday.  Here we are at work!


Third Grade Visits The Museum of Food and Drink

The third grade has been studying Chinese culture in Social Studies.  Currently, we have been focusing on Chinese cuisine.  We took a trip to The Museum of Food and Drink to learn about how Chinese culture has infused its way into American food.  On this trip we explored exhibits about Chinese food.  We looked at some traditional Chinese foods and explored American menus to see what dishes from China have actually made it into American culture.  We learned about Chinese cooking by taking turns holding a wok and handling some traditional Chinese ingredients.  We learned how a fortune cookie machine works and folded origami fortune cookies.  Lastly, we learned the process of a traditional Chinese meal.  We sat in a circle and learned the order in which people at the table eat, some traditions at mealtimes, and practiced using bowls and chopsticks.  We really immersed ourselves in Chinese culture and Chinese American food on this trip!

Third Grade’s International Festival

The third grade classes had an international festival right in our classrooms!  Students brought in items from home that represented their culture.  Students also brought in a food to share that was important to their cultures.  First, students took turns sharing their cultural items with each other and reading some of the written work they did on these items and their cultures.  Then they explained the dishes that they brought to one another.  We finished off the celebration by trying out different foods from different cultures!

Experimenting With Energy

Third graders have been learning about energy in science:  what energy is, the different types, and examples of each type.  We have also been using the scientific process to experiment with various types of energy.  So far we have experimented with heat energy (which materials absorb the most heat energy), sound energy (what materials create the highest and lowest pitches when shaken), and chemical energy (how can we change liquid into a solid).  Here we are exploring energy during these experiments!