The Planters of 2-204D!

In our newest science unit 2-204D has been studying plants.  We extended our studies by germinating beans.  We each got a few beans, we wet them, wrapped them in paper towels, put them in a bag, and hung them in the window.  Each day we watered the beans and checked on their progress.  Once plants started to sprout from the beans we transferred the beans into soil so they can continue to grow.  We are still busy tracking our plant growth, but here we are in the process so far!

Second Grade’s Rainbow of Poetry

Second graders have spent a lot of time creating poems and perfecting our poetry techniques.  Here we are celebrating the end of our poetry unit and the creation of our books of poems.  You can see us here sharing our books with our writing groups, painting pictures to match our poems, and holding up our finished work.

Second Grade Poets At Work

Second graders have been working hard on writing different types of poems and using different poetry techniques.  To prepare for publishing a book of our favorite poems we chose a few of our favorites and then received our own computers to type them out.  After we typed them we chose different sizes and types of fonts, we bolded and underlined words, and we chose where to put the poem on the page.  We can’t wait to put our poetry books together, paint them, and share them with each other!IMG_3786IMG_3787IMG_3788IMG_3790IMG_3785