2-204D Visits The Museum of Natural History

Class 2-204D went to The Museum of Natural History to study animals.  First, we saw an IMAX movie where we learned all about Humpback Whales.  Next, we took a tour of the exhibits about marine life, including studying jellyfish inside a virtual sea cave.  Finally, we explored prehistoric animals by looking at all of the different fossil exhibits.

204D’S Measurement Masters!

In our current math unit we are learning all about measurement.  We are measuring with inch models and inch rulers and we made our own rulers too.  In this activity we measured different objects in our classroom to find the lengths and widths in inches and feet.  Here we are hard at work!


The Urban Farmers of 204D

On May 15 2-204D went to visit The Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop urban farm.  We participated in many farming activities and learned about what is planted and grown here.  We learned about the importance of worms and compost, helped to make compost and hold the worms.  We learned about the importance that bees have on the farm, looked at the inside of a beehive, and sampled some honey that the bees at the farm made.  We even got to walk up and down the rows of crops, sampling some of the vegetables and planting our own plants.  Here we are hard at work!