First Graders Practice Measuring!

The first grade students just started our unit on non-standard measurement.  The students are practicing measuring things around the room using different kinds of non-standard measurement such as cubes, counters, and inch worms.  They are making sure that they start measuring at the beginning of the object and that there aren’t any gaps in their measuring tool.  Then the students are recording their measurements and comparing which things are longer and which are shorter.

First and Third Graders Wish Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Class 1-204B and Class 3-205E got together to celebrate through the use of the book Green Eggs and Ham.  First, the third graders took turns reading the book out loud under the ELMO projector.  Then, each student made a page for a big class book about things they would eat in silly places.  Finally, we made a green eggs snack.  The two classes mixed together and divided into 4 groups.  Each group made vanilla pudding and dyed it green.  They mixed it up, served it out, and put a vanilla wafer cookie in the middle to make it look like a big green egg.  We had a great time celebrating withe Green Eggs and Ham!


First Graders Celebrate Respect for All Week!

What does respect mean to you?  This a question that the first graders were thinking about all week.  We participated in so many fun activities that encouraged the students to be who they are and celebrate what makes each of us special.  Some of these activities include Superhero Day, Hat Day, watching the play Cindy Rella, Valentine’s Day Dance, and Sports Day.  We are all “wonders” and had a great time celebrating this spirit week together!

First Grade Experts!

The first graders worked so hard on their nonfiction books.  To start, they chose a topic that they knew a lot about.  In their books they added a table of contents, detailed pictures with labels, an introduction, facts that teach, a closing, and a cover.  The students were so excited to share their books with their peers and teach others about their topic!