First Graders Give Their Opinions!

To launch our unit on opinions, the first grade students took on the role of taste testers!  Each student tried three different kinds of cereal and wrote down words to describe each of them on their post it.  Then, they shared their opinion as to which cereal was their favorite and why with their table.  The students tried to convince everyone that their favorite cereal was the best.  The students had a blast sharing their opinions!

First Grade Word Detectives!

Class 1-204B has been working really hard on their reading partnerships!  They have been talking about their books with their reading partners and practicing reading a page and stopping to think about what they noticed.  The students have been asking each other questions about what they read and having some interesting conversations.  They also used their “word scanners” to look closely at tricky words and try and solve them by looking for blends and digraphs, word endings, and vowel teams.  Ask us about it!

First Graders Practice their Reading Habits!

Class 1-204B celebrated the end of our reading unit by creating posters to share our good reading habits!  The students shared what they think they do really well as readers.  They’ve been practicing solving tricky words by checking the picture, looking at all the parts of the word, and thinking about what word would make sense.  We sang this song to help us remember ways we can solve tricky words!

First Graders Learn About Pumpkins!

Today, the first grade classes went on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens to learn all about pumpkins!  We were able to make our very own pumpkin seed necklaces!  We placed a pumpkin seed in a towel, folded the towel in half, placed it in a ziplock bag, squirted it with water, and created a necklace!  Next, we read a book to learn about how pumpkins grow.  After that, we used some of our senses to explore pumpkins, thinking of words to describe the inside of a pumpkin, and estimated how many pounds we thought the pumpkin was.  Last, we observed different kinds of pumpkins and gourds and got to draw realistic pictures of them.  We had a great time learning all about pumpkins!