1-204 B’s Sight Word Readers!

The first graders have been working really hard practicing their sight words each week.  The students rotate through a different center each day where they practice reading the words, writing the words, and building the words.  They are having so much fun learning!

First Grade Fun with 2-D Shapes!

The first graders have been having so much fun learning about two dimensional shapes.  They have been learning how to describe shapes by stating the name of the shape, the number of sides, and the number of vertices.  The students have also created new shapes using pattern blocks.  For example, you can make a hexagon with six triangles.  They have been using their thinking skills to figure out what new shape they can create using other shapes, and what shapes they can take apart and find shapes within shapes.

First Grade News!

Hello first grade families!  Listed below are newsletters for each of our current units.  Within each newsletter are the standards covered, goals for the unit, and some activities you can do at home with your child to enhance the learning in the classroom!  We hope you will find these helpful!

First Grade Reading Unit: Building Good Habits

First Grade Writing Unit: Small Moments

First Grade Social Studies Unit: Families and Communities are Important

First Grade Science Unit: Animal Diversity

First Grade Math Unit: 2-D Shapes

204B Learns About Air!

Can you blow a cotton ball into a water bottle?  Our scientists were put to the test.  Some students predicted that the cotton ball would fly easily into the bottle, and others predicted that they would have to blow really hard and use a lot of air.  To their surprise, no matter how hard or soft they blew, the cotton ball didn’t move at all!  They discovered that the cotton ball wouldn’t move because the bottle was full of air.  We also tried a tissue and pom pom and came up with the same results.   Ask your child to share what they learned about this experiment!