Visit Egypt With The Third Grade

Class 205-E is beginning to study Egypt!  We broke into groups and each group studied a different part of Egypt. One group studied the city of Cairo, one studied the city of Alexandria, one studied the city of Giza, and one studied the Egyptian Flag and the entire map. Each group studied their topic by reading books, articles, and looking at pictures of their city/country/flag. Using a note taking strategy of choice, they took notes on their topic. Together, the group took their notes and turned it into an advertisement of all the great things about their aspect of Egypt. Finally, each group worked together to make a collage of their city/country/flag.

Third Grade Is Catapulting Away!

In 3-205E we are continuing to study motion, mechanical energy, and simple machines.  We learned about kinetic energy and potential energy in various ways.  To culminate these studies, in teams, we worked to built tiny catapults.  We had to show that our catapult had both kinetic and potential energy.  We made a plan before building of how we could show both forms of energy, as well as how to make sure we launched accurately and for distance.  Then it came time to build.  We chose from various materials and worked together to build an accurate catapult.  We tried it out, modeling the two forms of energy, and launched candy chicks to try out our teams accuracy and distance.


Third Graders Experiment with Force and Motion

The third graders have been learning about force and motion in various ways.  Today we performed 2 different experiments around force and motion.  The first was with a small catapult.  We launched a pom-pom off a catapult, two trials having the catapult halfway down and two trials having the catapult all the way down.  We measured how far the catapult launched the pom-pom each time.  The second experiment was with a pulley and a scale.  We used a pulley system to fill a jar with marbles and weigh different amounts of marbles inside the jar.  We observed the pulley and noticed the changes as we added more marbles.

First and Third Graders Wish Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Class 1-204B and Class 3-205E got together to celebrate through the use of the book Green Eggs and Ham.  First, the third graders took turns reading the book out loud under the ELMO projector.  Then, each student made a page for a big class book about things they would eat in silly places.  Finally, we made a green eggs snack.  The two classes mixed together and divided into 4 groups.  Each group made vanilla pudding and dyed it green.  They mixed it up, served it out, and put a vanilla wafer cookie in the middle to make it look like a big green egg.  We had a great time celebrating withe Green Eggs and Ham!


Explore the Senses With 3-205E

Class 3-205E took a trip to The Museum of Natural History to visit a special exhibit about the five senses.  Here we looked at our senses in a very interactive ways.  We saw how different color light effects what we see, we put together puzzles using light and touch, we smelled various smells and what saw factors change the scent, we walked through a wavy room and saw if the lines made us feel differently as we walked, and touched various textures to see the differences.  Here we are exploring our senses!