Third Grade Scientists Explore Pumpkins

The third grade scientists visited The New York Botanical Garden to explore pumpkins.  We used what we have been learning in our science units in our explorations today.  One thing that we did was use our five senses to describe different pumpkins in different ways.  Another thing we did was use scales and tape measures to take different measurements of our pumpkins.  We made estimates before we measured and compared the actual measurements to our estimates.  We worked very hard, but we had a great time exploring!

The Geographers to 3-205E

In this unit of Social Studies the third graders are becoming geographers!  We are exploring maps in many different ways.  Here we are exploring a variety of maps using compasses to locate various places and write cardinal directions.

Third Graders-How Does Our Garden Grow?!?

Our brand new school yard is finally up and running.  The most beautiful part of the yard is our new garden and the third grade team is in charge!  We started the garden by digging and turning the soil to plant various plants in the walkway.  We then planted different vegetables in our wooden boxes by turning the soil, putting down the seeds, covering them, and watering them.  Through the course of our science studies we are going to be continuing to study the plants and vegetables that we have out there and take care of them appropriately.  We are very excited to show off our green thumbs and make sure our garden is a success!

Second Graders Celebrate With Our Dads

As a celebration for Father’s Day, Bronx Delta invited dads into the classroom for donuts and an art activity.  With our dads we made superhero characters, describing our dad’s best qualities and designing them in a superhero outfit.  We had a great morning celebrating our dads!

2-204D Visits The Museum of Natural History

Class 2-204D went to The Museum of Natural History to study animals.  First, we saw an IMAX movie where we learned all about Humpback Whales.  Next, we took a tour of the exhibits about marine life, including studying jellyfish inside a virtual sea cave.  Finally, we explored prehistoric animals by looking at all of the different fossil exhibits.