The Poets of 1-204B!

The first graders worked so hard during this poetry unit.  Their excitement for this unit really came through in their poems.  The students wrote poems and songs about things that were important to them.  They tried to add more by making comparisons, using their five senses, and adding repeating lines.  The students couldn’t wait to use the computers to type out the poems that they selected to publish and share with the class!

Let’s Learn About the Weather and Seasons!

The first graders learned so much from all of our science experiments during our solids and liquids unit.  For our last experiment of the unit, the students have been observing peeps in different liquids to see which liquid will make the peep marshmallow dissolve the fastest.  Our next science unit is Weather and Seasons.  Click below to learn what we’ll be working on in class and how you can support your child at home!

First Grade Science Newsletter – Weather and Seasons