Ready, Set, Switch!

The students are finishing up some of our current units and will be starting new units next week.  The students will be switching from writing personal narrative stories to a how-to unit where they will write steps to teach the reader how to do something.  Our reading unit is called Word Detectives and focuses on exposing the students to several different word solving strategies they can use when coming to a tricky word or part in their books.  We are working on addition in math and learning about how families have changed from long ago to now in social studies.  Click on the links below for the unit goals and some ways you can support your child at home.  Thank you!

First Grade Addition Concepts Newsletter

First Grade How-to Newsletter

First Grade Reading Unit Word Detectives

First Grade Social Studies Newsletter My Family, Now and Long Ago

Here are the 3D Shapes that 1-204B Knows!

The first graders are finishing up their math unit on 3-d shapes.  They have been using 3d shapes to compose and decompose new shapes.  We’ve also been tracing the 3d shapes to learn the 2d shape its face is made of.  The students loved singing this song to help them learn the names of the shapes.  Click on the link underneath the picture to hear their song!  Ask your child to sing the rest!

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 6.16.05 PM

3-d Shape Song

First Grade Fun with 2-D Shapes!

The first graders have been having so much fun learning about two dimensional shapes.  They have been learning how to describe shapes by stating the name of the shape, the number of sides, and the number of vertices.  The students have also created new shapes using pattern blocks.  For example, you can make a hexagon with six triangles.  They have been using their thinking skills to figure out what new shape they can create using other shapes, and what shapes they can take apart and find shapes within shapes.

First Grade News!

Hello first grade families!  Listed below are newsletters for each of our current units.  Within each newsletter are the standards covered, goals for the unit, and some activities you can do at home with your child to enhance the learning in the classroom!  We hope you will find these helpful!

First Grade Reading Unit: Building Good Habits

First Grade Writing Unit: Small Moments

First Grade Social Studies Unit: Families and Communities are Important

First Grade Science Unit: Animal Diversity

First Grade Math Unit: 2-D Shapes