First Grade Experts!

The first graders worked so hard on their nonfiction books.  To start, they chose a topic that they knew a lot about.  In their books they added a table of contents, detailed pictures with labels, an introduction, facts that teach, a closing, and a cover.  The students were so excited to share their books with their peers and teach others about their topic!

First Grade Quilt Makers

The students had a blast on our field trip to the Queens County Farm.  The students learned all about the history behind quilt making and talked about all different kinds of shapes.  We looked at different pieces of fabric and searched for all of the different shapes we saw.  The students then got to create their own quilt square of a farm animal. They traced the animal and colored it in using special fabric crayons.  We are hoping to put all of our squares together to create a class quilt!  Here are a few pictures from our trip!