First Graders Practice their Reading Habits!

Class 1-204B celebrated the end of our reading unit by creating posters to share our good reading habits!  The students shared what they think they do really well as readers.  They’ve been practicing solving tricky words by checking the picture, looking at all the parts of the word, and thinking about what word would make sense.  We sang this song to help us remember ways we can solve tricky words!

First Graders Learn About Pumpkins!

Today, the first grade classes went on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens to learn all about pumpkins!  We were able to make our very own pumpkin seed necklaces!  We placed a pumpkin seed in a towel, folded the towel in half, placed it in a ziplock bag, squirted it with water, and created a necklace!  Next, we read a book to learn about how pumpkins grow.  After that, we used some of our senses to explore pumpkins, thinking of words to describe the inside of a pumpkin, and estimated how many pounds we thought the pumpkin was.  Last, we observed different kinds of pumpkins and gourds and got to draw realistic pictures of them.  We had a great time learning all about pumpkins!

First Grade Readers!

Class 1-204B has been practicing their good reading habits!  We’ve been taking a sneak peek before we read the book, doing something at the end such as rereading a favorite part, and rereading to notice more in our books.  Today we were helping our reading partners use the picture to solve tricky words.  Some of us also looked at all the parts of the word.  Please ask your child to show you how they use these reading strategies!

First Graders Take on the Roles of Piggie and Gerald!

As a culminating activity for our Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons reading unit, Class 1-204B performed different Elephant and Piggie plays.  The students chose which book they wanted to perform and which character they wanted to play.  Performing the plays gave the students the perfect opportunity to practice all of the skills we learned during this unit.  The students made their character come to life by changing their voice, body, and facial expressions.  They thought about how their character was feeling at that moment and decided how they should look, act, and sound.  The students also created hats and props for their parts.  We invited class K-110 into our class to be our audience.  The students worked so hard and did such a great job!!!