204B Learns About Air!

Can you blow a cotton ball into a water bottle?  Our scientists were put to the test.  Some students predicted that the cotton ball would fly easily into the bottle, and others predicted that they would have to blow really hard and use a lot of air.  To their surprise, no matter how hard or soft they blew, the cotton ball didn’t move at all!  They discovered that the cotton ball wouldn’t move because the bottle was full of air.  We also tried a tissue and pom pom and came up with the same results.   Ask your child to share what they learned about this experiment!


First Grade Scientists!

Class 1-204B has been writing like scientists!  During our current writing unit, the students have been conducting experiments and then writing about them as if they were scientists.  The students think of questions to test, make predictions, create hypotheses, test out the experiments, and record the results.  Today, we experimented with air.  The students observed what happened when they placed two vials in a container full of water (they created bubbles).  Then, we put a piece of paper towel inside the vial and placed it straight down in the water.  Can you guess what happened?  Ask your child about it 🙂

Save It or Spend It?

Class 1-204B has been learning how to budget their money!  We brainstormed different ways children can earn money at home.  They have also been thinking about spending their money on their needs that are most important, and saving their money to buy their wants.  The first graders played a game with their partner where they were presented with opportunities to buy goods, or pay for services, within the community.  They had to decide whether they would spend or save their money, given their current budget.

1-204B Races to 50!

Our class has been working really hard on place value!  We’ve been building numbers and identifying how many tens and how many ones are in each number.  The students played games such as “Race to 50” where they had to roll dice and take that many ones, exchanging their ones for a ten when their ten frame was full.  The first one to 50 wins!