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Around the World With 3-205C

In 3-205C we have been studying the world around us, using maps and globes.  We learned about the different continents and bodies of water around the world.  We learned some characteristics of each continent by reading articles and jotting facts.  We even learned about the Equator, Prime Meridian, lines of longitude, and lines of latitude.  To conclude these map studies, in small groups, we each made globes.  We used our classroom globes as guides to where exactly the different continents went as well as the Equator and Prime Meridian.


First Graders Learn About Pumpkins!

Today, the first grade classes went on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens to learn all about pumpkins!  We were able to make our very own pumpkin seed necklaces!  We placed a pumpkin seed in a towel, folded the towel in half, placed it in a ziplock bag, squirted it with water, and created a necklace!  Next, we read a book to learn about how pumpkins grow.  After that, we used some of our senses to explore pumpkins, thinking of words to describe the inside of a pumpkin, and estimated how many pounds we thought the pumpkin was.  Last, we observed different kinds of pumpkins and gourds and got to draw realistic pictures of them.  We had a great time learning all about pumpkins!

3-205C Celebrates Our First Published Piece!


Our third graders have finished writing, revising, editing, and publishing our first writing piece, our small moments!  As we worked to publish we took some time to talk about our work.  We each took our published piece and spoke a little about our work, some of us read our titles, some of us explained the small moment we wrote about, and some of us even talked about what we did well in our pieces.  These little clips were turned into a movie that we showed at our publishing party.  Check our our movie!

Third Grade Fact Masters!

The third grade classes are starting to learn all about multiplication.  As a first step we are learning how to make groups, how to put items in each group, and then counting the totals.  We did this over the course of many days, each day learning a new multiplication skill (like how to make equal groups or how to build arrays).  Here we are playing our fact masters game and learning to make groups and matching multiplication sentences.


First Grade Readers!

Class 1-204B has been practicing their good reading habits!  We’ve been taking a sneak peek before we read the book, doing something at the end such as rereading a favorite part, and rereading to notice more in our books.  Today we were helping our reading partners use the picture to solve tricky words.  Some of us also looked at all the parts of the word.  Please ask your child to show you how they use these reading strategies!