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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! From, 3-205C and 1-204B

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!  To celebrate his birthday 3-205C and 1-204B got together.  The third graders and the first grade paired up and read some Dr. Seuss books together.  We then did an activity around the book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  Each group of first and third graders got a handful of colored goldfish.  We graphed them, tallied them, and answered math problems about the goldfish.  Then we got to eat them.  It was a great day!

The Data Collectors of 1-204B!

The first graders are learning all about data and graphing.  As part of this math unit, each student created a question to ask the class.  They went around the room and gathered their data in the form of a tally chart.  Then they used the information from their tally chart to create a pictograph.  Last, they answered questions about their graphs/charts.  They had a great time surveying the class and comparing their data!

Third Grade Puppeteers!

Third graders have worked really hard on studying characters in picture books and writing literary essays about those characters.  To celebrate our hard work we created puppets of our characters.  We then had mini puppet shows!  We acted out our characters to little groups and we gave each others characters “advice”.  We had a great time meeting and learning about each others characters!

First Graders Give Their Opinions!

To launch our unit on opinions, the first grade students took on the role of taste testers!  Each student tried three different kinds of cereal and wrote down words to describe each of them on their post it.  Then, they shared their opinion as to which cereal was their favorite and why with their table.  The students tried to convince everyone that their favorite cereal was the best.  The students had a blast sharing their opinions!


Our 2nd graders have just begun a new and exciting writing unit-poetry!  We are learning to look at everyday objects through a poet’s eyes.

In our upcoming lessons, we will be learning how to use line breaks, comparisons and how to add mood to our poems.

Poetry book recommendations:

Flicker Flash by: Joan Bransfield Graham

Honey I Love by:  Eloise Greenfield

Where the Sidewalk Ends by:  Shel Silverstein