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First Grade Word Detectives!

Class 1-204B has been working really hard on their reading partnerships!  They have been talking about their books with their reading partners and practicing reading a page and stopping to think about what they noticed.  The students have been asking each other questions about what they read and having some interesting conversations.  They also used their “word scanners” to look closely at tricky words and try and solve them by looking for blends and digraphs, word endings, and vowel teams.  Ask us about it!

First Graders Practice their Reading Habits!

Class 1-204B celebrated the end of our reading unit by creating posters to share our good reading habits!  The students shared what they think they do really well as readers.  They’ve been practicing solving tricky words by checking the picture, looking at all the parts of the word, and thinking about what word would make sense.  We sang this song to help us remember ways we can solve tricky words!

Around the World With 3-205C

In 3-205C we have been studying the world around us, using maps and globes.  We learned about the different continents and bodies of water around the world.  We learned some characteristics of each continent by reading articles and jotting facts.  We even learned about the Equator, Prime Meridian, lines of longitude, and lines of latitude.  To conclude these map studies, in small groups, we each made globes.  We used our classroom globes as guides to where exactly the different continents went as well as the Equator and Prime Meridian.