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First Grade Book “Tasting”

To launch our new reading unit on characters, 1-204B and 1-204D had a Book “Tasting!”  The students “tasted” one book from a few different book series to decide which book series they wanted to read with their book club!  They looked at the front cover, back cover, and read a few pages to decide how they felt about the book.  Then they gave the book a rating by coloring in a certain number of stars or circling a certain emoji.  Some students also wrote why they felt that way about the book.  The students are so excited to begin their book series reading adventure!

First Annual Spelling Bee!

Third and Fourth graders participated in Bronx Delta’s first annual spelling bee!  Our spellers all worked so hard and tried their personal best.  The top three winners were recognized for both grades. The first place winners will be representing our school in a district Spelling Bee on Tuesday, May 14.

Third Grade                         Fourth Grade

First Place:               Madelyn                                Jacob

Second Place:           Rafael                                   Winnie

Third Place:              Elina                                     Kaleel

We are very proud of all our participants!!!! Go Bronx Delta and good luck to our students who will be representing our school and community!



Third Grade Researchers!

The third grade students have started research projects.  We are learning how to become professional researchers every day! To kick off these projects we started examining photographs of the topics we were researching.  We looked at photographs, pictures in books, and images online.  We even got close up with the various picture with magnifying glasses so we can see lots of details.  Then, as good researchers do, we wrote all the things we noticed and all the wonderings we had as we looked at the pictures.

Spring Time: Reading Bosses and Poetry!

Our First Graders are kicking off all new units in Reading, and Writing!

In Reading, our students are exploring strategies to become Reading Bosses! They will be using all their reading strategies to take charge our their reading! Catch a student solving a tricky word by asking themselves, “Does it look right?”, “Does sound right?”, and “Does that make sense?”.

In Writing, our First graders are starting their Poetry unit! The students will be using their 5 senses, shapes, repetition, comparisons, and songs to write their own poetry. Check out some of the poetry notebooks students have decorated for inspiration!


Word Builders!

Our First Grade students have become word builders! The students are focusing on creating words by using a beginning, middle, and end.

The students are using consonants, blends, and digraphs for the beginning sound. They are using vowel teams (ee, ea, ai, oa) for the middle sound, and common endings such as -ing, -er, and -s for the ending sound.

After the students have built a word working with their partners, they practice breaking apart the sounds of the words too!

Our first Fall & Winter in 4th Grade

Here are some highlights and happenings from Bronx Delta’s first 4th grade class:

  • Trips to the Museum of Natural History, New York Hall of Science, and Gracie Mansion
  • Narrative, opinion, and informational writing highlighted by personal experiences, claims about issues important to students, and research on the American Revolution
  • Cultural research project culminating with a feast of foods from around the world