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February Book of The Month

Chrysanthemum Book Cover

Dear  Parents / Guardians:

This month at Bronx Delta, our focus is on Mutual Respect. Through their work reading and discussing Chrysanthemum, students will learn how to treat others with respect. Students will have the opportunity to learn and respect differences. They can explore the names of their classmates and share the origin and meaning behind them. Students will learn how to value others and their uniqueness. Chrysanthemum shows how bullying affects a person. Students will be able to understand and share the feelings of others and understand why it is not acceptable.

Estimado Padres / Guardianes:

Este mes en Bronx Delta, nuestro enfoque es el respeto mutuo. A través de su trabajo leyendo y discutiendo “Chrysanthemum” los estudiantes aprenderán cómo tratar a los demás con respeto. Los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de aprender y respetar las diferencias. Pueden explorar los nombres de sus compañeros de clase y compartir el origen y significado detrás de ellos. Los estudiantes aprenderán a valorar a los demás y su singularidad. El libro “Chrysanthemum“ muestra cómo la intimidación afecta a una persona. Los estudiantes podrán comprender y compartir los sentimientos de los demás y comprender por qué no es aceptable.

Book Summary

From the day she was born, Chrysanthemum was told she had the perfect name. On her first day of school, Chrysanthemum learned that others did not think her name was perfect. She was teased by the other children for having such a long name and for being named after a flower. This bullying at school continues until one day the other kids in her class are introduced to the charismatic and lovable music teacher Mrs. Twinkle. She expresses a different opinion about the name which results in a change of heart from Chrysanthemum’s classmates.

Parent’s Corner

Talk to your child about the importance of showing mutual respect. Share your thoughts and stories about times that you displayed mutual respect.

Words of Wisdom

  • Name Origin
  • Embrace
  • Unique
  • Proud
  • Beautiful
  • Fascinating
  • Precious

Key takeaways…

Encourage students to learn new things and share their knowledge with others. Be passionate about yourself. Appreciate your qualities and differences