Third Grade Mathematicians Build a Zoo!

Third graders have been working very hard to put all of our math skills that we have learned this year together to be engineers and create a zoo.  Our first step was deciding what animals were going to be in our zoo.  Once we did that we drew their habitats on a blueprint grid.  We then counted the lengths and widths to find the areas of each habitat and counted around the sides to find the perimeters.

After that we zoomed in on each habitat and added things we thought the animals might need (caves or trees or rivers) and found the area of those features.


Then we it was time to create the zoos!  We used everything we learned about measurement to measure the lengths and widths of each habitat, cut them out, and create a zoo that matched our blueprint grid.  We then used skills we have learned about 3 digit addition and multiplication to build menus in a zoo restaurant, put together meal combinations, and build a souvenir shop layout.  Check out our zoo engineers at work!