Second Grade Reading

The Second Graders at Bronx Delta are growing as readers!  We are working on strategies to read stronger and longer!  Here are our current unit strategies.

*Taking control of HOW we read.  This means we decide how we should sound when we read-should we put on a happy voice or a scared one, should we put on a whisper voice or a loud voice?

*Previewing our books before we read to make decisions on how to read.  This means we check out the front and back covers, the table of contents, chapter titles, and pictures before we read anything to grow our ideas.

*Reading stronger longer by setting goals for ourselves.  This means we are taking a look at the kinds of books we are reading and how long they are and making realistic goals for how many we want to read in our allotted reading time.

*Scooping in stead of pointing.  This means we aren’t pointing at every word as we read it, rather we are scooping our finger along chunks of words to read in a more fluent voice.

*Stopping, thinking, retelling.  This means that as we read we are stopping at different points in our book to retell to ourselves what has happened so far.

You can work on all of these ideas at home when reading each night with your child!