Second grade mathematicians have been working hard on building their base ten knowledge.  We have gone from just building one number in one way (like 54 is 5 tens and 4 ones), to building one number in MANY ways (like 54 is 5 tens and 4 ones, OR 54 ones, OR 4 tens and 14 ones).  We are learning some problem solving strategies in order to solve problems with base ten.  It is very important that our mathematicians are not just solving the problem, but actually thinking about the problem and their process. Here are some problem solving tips!

*Read the problem more than once-first to read and then to really understand it.

*Figure out what the problem is actually asking you to do.

*Look through the problem and find any information you need.  A good clue is to find the numbers and information about the numbers.

*Plan your strategy in your head before you actually solve.


*Look back and explain your work to your partner or your group.  We are starting to work on explaining what you did and how you did it.

You can use this process when working on problem solving at home!