First Grade Homework          Week: September 26th-30th

This week, we will start completing our Go Math homework. We will send the math book home and ask that you complete the lesson assigned for that day and return the math book. If the math book is not returned the next day, your child will not be able to complete the math lesson for that day. Thanks to all the parents who attended curriculum night!     It was great to meet you and share what will be happening in first grade this year. If you have not yet signed up for Bloomz, please download the app and sign up.

Poem of the Week

Please read the poem each night. Find any sight words your child may know. Look for words with the short e sound like in the words hen and bed.     Talk with your child about what the poem is about. Ask your child questions about the poem such as- What is the poem about? What does “the fun’s not over yet” mean?
Hens on the Bed

Ten red hens,

Jumping on the bed.

One fell off!

The others said,

“Did you hurt your leg?

Should we call the vet?”

But the hen said,

“No, the fun’s not over yet!”